We are a growing group of people in downtown/west end Toronto planning the development of a cohousing community. We warmly welcome new members!

Cohousing is an intentional community with an emphasis on shared community space. Similar to the condo model, cohousing includes private ownership of individual homes and a strong commitment to personal privacy. But unlike most condos, the cohousing model supports social interaction and environmental sustainability. Cohousing creates a balance of community and privacy reminiscent of the old fashioned village. Best of all, we will design our community together.

Our Vision

To build and live in a multi­generational community that:

  • Fosters meaningful connections through supportive relationships
  • Creates and maintains a healthy and ecologically sustainable urban development
  • Demonstrates innovative, attractive cohousing
  • Inspires communities to build the housing they need

The Details

  • Currently planning 24 units
  • We’re open to new construction or retrofitting existing buildings
  • A mix of townhouses and units within a small building
  • Each unit will be complete with kitchen, bathroom, living spaces, and bedrooms
  • A variety of housing units (mix of 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms)
  • Centrally located common areas, pedestrian areas, green and natural spaces
  • A 4,000 sq. ft. Common House with a variety of facilities
  • Some shared community meals in the Common House dining room
  • Separation of cars from residential area
  • Common secure bike storage
  • We expect price per unit will reflect average market cost
  • Committed to high energy efficiency and green building initiatives
  • Striving to incorporate some affordable housing units
  • located in the west end area of downtown Toronto

For more information please contact us at info@canopycohousing.ca.

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